Disclosure & Privacy

As a Registered Dietitian in private practice in South Africa I commit to providing nutritional information to my readers that is based on up to date scientific research.  The information contained on this website if for informational purposes only with the views and opinions expressed on this website and blog being entirely my own.  Please be aware that any information contained within this website should not be considered as medical diagnosis or treatment and should not replace physical treatment with a medical professional.

If you live in South Africa and you wish to visit a Registered Dietitian in your area, please go to www.adsa.org.za where you can search for one.


Following my month of being a vegan, Almond Breeze contacted me to supply me with their almond milk in return for writing of blog posts for their SA website and use of the product on Social Media.  Currently I am receiving free product from Almond Breeze (12 x 1 litre of unsweetened Almond Milk and 6 x 1 litre Barista Blend).  I always disclose this on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

Besides this, unless otherwise made clear to you, I have not accepted monetary compensation or free products in return for any posts found on this site.


Only your name, email address and birthday (for birthday messages) will be collected should you opt in to sign up for my email newsletter.  This information is kept safely with Mailchimp (You can read their privacy policy here).  I will never sell or distribute your contact information to a third party.

Please also note that the recipes and photos on this blog are my own and should you wish to share or use them, please kindly reference where you got them from.

I have signed both the Blog with Integrity pledge and RDs4Disclosure pledge and support Link with Love because the trust of my readers and the blogging community is very important to me.

Thanks so much for reading! Now onto the fun stuff – happy reading and learning.